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"Passion In The Face Of Adversity"

Here are upcoming gigs!

Buddy V's Black Wing Revue

Saturday, June 22          Reading Porchfest                 4:00-5:45

54 -56 Prospect St, Reading, MA

About The Music

Buddy V has been performing solo and in bands since 1985. The veteran musician recently released a full length CD entitled "Meet Me Again".  His music mixes styles like rock, country, folk and blues styles. The influence here definitely leans towards more classic genres and I for one have no problem with them.  He mentions Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earle, Wilco and The Band as musicians you can hear a hint of.  I’d say for the most part there is a blanket of Americana infused within these songs. There were a couple times Leonard Cohen came to mind.

“There's Another Man” is the opening track and contains a joyous and celebratory vibe.  I loved the vocal harmonies on this song as well as the diverse instrumentation.  The fiddle, guitars and organ was a nice organic mix of instrumentation.

“Nuthin' " begins with a strummed acoustic guitar and vocals.  It seems like he is celebrating or at least accepting sadness and weakness.  That being said the chorus yearns for better days.  The title track “Meet Me Again” is more pensive and melancholy than anything that came before.  His singing is a little more intimate and the instrumentation consists of strummed acoustic and a tremolo laced electric playing lead.

Up next is “What For” which is very upbeat.  There is a rockabilly vibe on the verge of theatrical.  It’s a romp and sounded a little like something you might hear on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Insomnia / Mirror Mirror” was a personal favorite that includes subtle cello playing.  This song is a little darker and mysterious.  There is a bit of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits on this song.  The spaghetti western guitar was great.  The country tinged “A Place For You” was warm and comforting while “Not Blue” mixes a number of different styles but is really slick and sleek sounding.  “More Than Just Friends” is borderline bluegrass but didn't sound out of place.  “Pockets Full Of Rocks” is a warm rock ballad and closes with “Daylight On The Horizon” which is a nostalgic breakup song.

All things considered this was a diverse album. The talent and experience of Buddy V is undeniable. Take a listen.

                                                                         - Jamie Funk

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