Buddy with members of Sweet Wednesday and The Mother Flower playing an encore all-star jam at The Brick Yard, 3/23/19. 

Johnny O sitting in with Buddy's "Black Wing Trio" at The Brick Yard, 9/29/18.

Buddy's "Black Wing Trio" debut at The

Buchanan, 2/16/19.

"Fergapalooza" 2018, 8/18/18 with the X-Vultures


@ The Brick Yard, Woburn, MA,  6/23/18


Buddy plays an opening set of blues and rock covers with "Carlos" DiFranza, his ocassional partner in the duo, Buddy & Carlos 

Buddy is joined onstage with guest bassist, "Dell" formerly of The Vultures, Jess Green on harmonies and keyboards, and Paul "The Shadow" Tetta on lead guitar.

Buddy, Dell, Will, Andy, and Paul playing tunes from the new CD. 


@ The Funhouse, Bethlehem, PA,  7/20/18


The X-Vultures lineup:  Mark "Dell" Ferguson on bass, Buddy, Bret "Doc" Talbert on drums, and Chris "The Scream" Barebo on lead guitar.

Larry D'Amelio, formerly of The Righteous and The Ebb Tides joins the X-Vultures as special guest on keyboards and backing vocals.

Mark, Buddy, Bret, and Chris playing tunes from the new CD. 

Buddy on guitar and vocals with Carl on pedal steel and mandolin at Belmont Porch Fest, 9/9/18. 

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