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A Brief Musical History Of Buddy V

1985 - 2017

1985 - Living in hometown of Allentown, PA, forms rock group “The Vultures”, focusing on classic rock, rockabilly, and alternative rock while beginning to develop original material.  Begin playing venues throughout the Lehigh Valley (eastern PA), becoming especially popular in bars near the Lehigh University campus in Bethlehem, PA.

1989 - The Vultures release a self produced 6-song vinyl EP, “The First Thing” on their own “Adverse City” Records, begin receiving local college radio airplay.  

1990 - The Vultures began playing venues in Philadelphia and New York City, appearing  at such legendary clubs as Kenny’s Castaways and CBGB.  The Vultures are runners up in a tri-state battle of the bands sponsored by East Coast Rocker magazine held in Philadelphia.

1991 - The Vultures win the Lehigh Valley’s WZZO (top rock station) battle of the bands competition held at the Greater Allentown Fair, defeating four other top regional bands. 

1993 - The Vultures disband and Buddy moves to Osaka, Japan, where he pursues solo musical ventures for two years, releases a 5-song self produced cassette EP “Into The Rising Sun” (Adverse City Records), eventually becoming a regular performer on Friday nights at an Irish Pub in the Shinsaibashi district and Saturday nights at a Mexican bar in the Umeda district.  He has the good fortune of meeting and jamming with many talented Japanese musicians in various contexts.

1995 -  Buddy returns to PA and plays sporadically with former bandmates and friends as “The Infidels”.  

1998 -  Buddy moves to Malden, MA and begins his musical pursuits by busking in the Boston MBTA subway system. 

1999 - Meets “Carlos” and forms blues-based vocal and guitar duo “Buddy & Carlos”, begin playing small venues in Greater Boston and on the north shore.

2003 - Buddy and Carlos add a rhythm section and form a band that is eventually named “The Blues Bashers”, specializing in blues and blues rock, mostly playing venues on the north shore.

2006 - The Blues Bashers disband, Buddy and Carlos continue to perform as a duo, eventually accumulating regular side musicians that include a female vocalist, bassist, and a harmonica player.  They perform publicly as “Buddy & Carlos And Friends”, eventually expanding into a six-piece band.

2009 - A drummer is added, other players and positions drift away, and another four piece band emerges.  Beginning as a blues-based rock combo, but later expanding into country, folk, and soul influences, this Americana themed band becomes “The Hellhound Saints”.

2013 - The Hellhound Saints disband and Buddy returns to performing solo while writing and recording new original material, learning new cover tunes, hosting open mics, and keeping an eye out for future bandmates and the next “group” opportunity.  

2015 - 2017 - Writes and records material for a full length CD entitled “Meet Me Again”, which is released in mid-December, 2017.

Vultures promo shot circa 1985.

The Vultures 6-song vinyl EP, "The First Thing", released in 1989

The Vultures  at the Rock'N'Roll Cafe on Bleeker St, NYC, 1989.

The Vultures on stage at CBGB, 1990.

A bus load of friends and fans at CBGB, 1991.

The Vultures hanging with the Smithereens, circa 1992.

Posing after participating in a charity concert at the Osaka Castle amphitheater, Osaka, Japan circa 1994

Buddy V's 6-song (bilingual) cassette EP, "Into The Rising Sun", released in 1993.

        The final line up for "Buddy, Carlos & Friends", 1/29/11.                         A "Buddy & Carlos" poster circa 2010 

A poster for a Hellhound Saints reunion show, 3/15/14.                Buddy and Will playing an open mic circa 2016.

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